Branson Sonifier® ultrasonic cell disruptor / homogenizers are versatile laboratory units suitable for a broad range of liquid processing applications such as:
        Biological cell disruption / homogenization
        Reaction acceleration
        Fine mixing
The SLPe consists of a power supply, a converter, and a mechanical probe or horn. The power supply/converter changes standard electrical power to high frequency mechanical energy, which is then applied to the horn, where it is further amplified for use (often with specialized accessories).

The SLPe Energy Mode includes the ability to control set parameters thru the newer "total energy" approach (1 to 10,000 joules), offering advantages in process thermal management. Sonifier® includes a large digital display, continuous or pulsed operation, and can manage total experiment time with local or remote (p/c) control capability. Also includes built-in auto tuning. This unit includes the generator/power supply, converter, 1/8" microtip, all interconnects, and an I/O port for external control. The SLP unit comes complete and ready to run.

Efficient 40 kHz output frequency
Digital parameter entry for precise, easy setup.
Digital amplitude control allows for critical applications (ranges from 10% to 100% in 1% increments).
Built-in auto tuning for optimum control in any application.
Continuous or pulsed operation.
LED readout displays parameter settings during setup and operation for easy reference and monitoring.
Cycle parameters provides storage of last-used cycle parameters even if the system is shut off or a power interruption occurs.
Overall experiment timer.
Local or remote (plc) control capability.
Supplied tooling ideal for Eppendorf or Falcon style vessels.
Model Part Number Input Power Output Power Dimensions Weight
SLPe 101-063-726 117V, 50/60Hz 150 Watts 7.5" W x 12" L x 12" H 17lbs.
SLPe 101-063-727 240V, 50/60Hz 150 Watts 7.5" W x 12" L x 12" H 17lbs.
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