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Hand Sanitizer  No-Rinse Antiseptic 70% Alcohol Gel - 4L

Hand Sanitizer No-Rinse Antiseptic 70% Alcohol Gel - 4L

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Hand sanitizer kills 99.999% of most common disease causing germs, without the use of water. No rinsing or paper towels needed.

Active Ingredients

Alcohol 70% - Pure Grade Alcohol. Safe for everyone including pregnant/nursing women & children - (does not contain harmful technical or fuel grade ethanol). 

Regulatory Information

Health Canada NPN #80099632 registered under Parent company Tidol Corporation
70% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Covid-19 Effective WHO Compliant

Studies have shown:

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers rapidly kills most bacteria and viruses (Sandora et al., 2005).

Please Note

Due to the critical impact of coronavirus, COVID-19 and its proliferation, we will not accept returns on infection control products due to the uncertainty in product handling to prevent further spread of the virus.