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* WARNING: Free hydrogen may be released if solution comes in contact with reactive metals.
** No effect if solution temperature is less than 60 degrees Celsius (140 F).
Solution concentrations may vary. The amount used depends on the particular solution and the type of soil to be removed. Follow the instructions on the solution container.
OC Optical
JC Jewellry
OR Oxide Remover
EC Electronics Cleaner
GP General Purpose
Crystal Electronics Inc offers a complete line of concentrated aqueous cleaning chemistries to tackle even the most challenging applications. Our chemistries are biodegradable and most meet the "GREEN" enviro parameters. We offer the solutions in 4 litre jugs, case of 4x4litre jugs, 20 litre pails and 205 litres drums. Following is a list of available chemistries including technical data sheet (Lit.) and Material Saftey Data Sheet (MSDS).