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MC3 4x4L Case - Metal Cleaner 3 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, Branson

MC3 4x4L Case - Metal Cleaner 3 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, Branson

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Certified Branson Formula.  Made in Canada by Branson's Canadian Authorized Sales and Service Centre: CRYSTAL ELECTRONICS INC.   

MC3 Concentrated solution is a biodegradable, phosphate and caustic free alkaline cleaner formulated for general purpose and normal maintenance cleaning applications.
Liquid non-ionic surfactants and detergents are combined in a formulation with excellent
detergent wetting capabilities and free rinsing properties which provides exceptional
performance for general maintenance cleaning in virtually all industries with virtually all base Materials.
MC3 is an ultrasonic cleaning solution which removes oils and a variety of soils from ferrous metals, steel alloys, titanium alloys, copper and copper alloys, and stainless steel. MC3 is an emulsifying cleaner; oils, soils and greases are entrapped in the cleaning solution and suspended so they cannot redeposit on the clean parts. It contains a special blend of alkalis and detergents in addition to dispersants, deflocculents and emulsifiers. The cleaning solution cleans rapidly, penetrating into blind holes and between adjacent surfaces

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