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B200 Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120v

B200 Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120v

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Branson is the pioneer and world leader in the ultrasonic industry.  Buy with confidence  We are Branson's Canadian Authorized Sales and Service Centre. 

Branson Ultrasonics B200 offers:  a stainless steel tank with a 15-ounce capacity and a tank contained within an impact-resistant plastic housing. The B200 is both compact and stylish.  Trust Branson Ultrasonics Bransonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaner Model B200 to clean quickly and effectively with true ultrasonic cleaning ability


  • optical pieces,
  • eyewear, clock
  • parts,
  • small geological samples,
  • small electrical/electronic components, 
  •  machined parts,
  • recorder, reeds, 
  • drafting and fountain pens,
  • dentures and retainers,
  • shaver heads, clipper heads, nail clippers, files and scissors. 

Comes with parts basket, cover and as ADDED bonus we will include cleaning solution and stainless steel beaker to hold the tiniest parts, jewelry such as earrings and chains.