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Branson GCX Ultrasonic Generator  - contact us for current pricing

Branson GCX Ultrasonic Generator - contact us for current pricing

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Branson GCX Series Ultrasonic Generator offers a full range of features to meet any precision cleaning requirements. Branson™ GCX ultrasonic generators combine user-friendly digital controls, advanced performance features and a more compact size
to precisely control the delivery of ultrasonic energy for precision
cleaning systems.
The GCX generator’s touchscreen human/machine interface (HMI)
eliminates older analog, push-button technology and offers a wider
range of precise, digital settings. Its advanced, fully variable power
control allows the user to vary the cavitational intensity from 20% to
100%, and a power modulation mode that can be set to automatically
increase cleaning power fourfold when needed.



Output Frequency
25 or 40kHz
Element Configurations
6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48
Input Voltage
110 V, 220 V
Average Output Power
40 Watts per element
Regulatory Approvals
17.5”W x 16.8”D x 5.5” H
30 lb. (13.6 kg)
Output Power
17.5”W x 16.8”D x 5.5” H

Key Features and Benefits 

Line regulation: A built-in circuit keeps the output constant if the power supply voltage fluctuation is within the range of 208V +/-10%.

Load regulation: The system constantly monitors changes in load, depth, and temperature of the cleaning solution to deliver efficient ultrasonic waves at the optimum frequency.

Power control: The ultrasonic output can be adjusted in the range of 20 to100% according to the cleaning materials. This output is proportional to the cavitation intensity and can be adjusted manually or continuously with the programmable logic controller (PLC). The output level is indicated by the value on the touch screen.

Selectable sweep frequency: This permits the process engineer to select both band width and sweep rate to eliminate standing waves and improve ultrasonic activity distribution.

Power modulation mode: Power modulation generates power bursts with a ratio of 4:1 between peak power and average power. Normally, the ratio of peak power to average power is 2:1. This feature improves cleaning effectiveness when using quasi-aqueous systems and liquids that are less prone to cavitation, such as hydrocarbon fluids.

Automatic frequency tracking (AFT) function: The AFT circuit built into the oscillation circuit keeps pace with changes in cleaning conditions and oscillates at the optimum frequency. 

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