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Crystal Clear Heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning solution- great for CARB Cleaning 4L Jug

Crystal Clear Heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning solution- great for CARB Cleaning 4L Jug

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Crystal Clear super concentrated solution  is  biodegradable, phosphate free alkaline cleaner formula for heavy-duty ultrasonic cleaning use. Its exceptional blend is widely used for cleaning carburetors and similar parts.

It is a blend of liquid non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants, and buffered with organic and inorganic electrolytes to provide stable cleaning media. The superior detergent properties, wetting capabilities and free rinsing properties of Crystal Clear Solution combine to provide an exceptional cleaner for removing difficult soils and contaminants.
This specially formulated solution will enhance the cavitation of your ultrasonic cleaner, allowing more action and faster cleaning. The special formula draws much of the dirt to the bottom allowing the water to remain cleaner, longer.
Crystal Clear solution is superb for the dental and surgical environment. It will solubilize, peptise and emulsify dried blood, fats, proteins, keratin and other human tissues from surgical tools.
For automotive, aircraft, and similar mechanical components it quickly removes oils and drawing compounds from stampings; cleans shop oils, greases and similar soils from components prior to secondary finishing operations including painting, plating, application of various electrostatic spray coatings, and removes grease, oils, and light carbon deposits from stampings, turnings and similar component used in every sector of industry. Crystal clear can be safely used with most base metal and alloys without pitting or discoloration

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